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Mammoth Ivory

Woolly Mammoth Sculpture

Woolly Mammoth Sculpture

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Made from Woolly Mammoth Tusk.

Mammoth tusk is a unique material.  Over the millennia, the tusks spent in the bowels of the earth have gradually undergone a process of mineralization, absorbing different shades of minerals and earth, giving many amazing properties, shades of orange, coffee, pink, brown,  emerald, purple and even black colors


  Today, you can hear that the healing properties of mammoth tusks are used to prolong life.


  Amulets and amulets are made from the mammoth tusk, their function is to protect against dark forces, they also bring good luck to their owner, warn of dangers and improve well-being.  The amulet of the mammoth tusk is considered the most powerful protector, as a small piece of this material stores powerful energy and the history of previous generations.


The tusk of a mammoth that has lain in the permafrost for thousands of years has been subjected to energetically strong effects of magnetic fields, symbolizing a temporary connection to past eras and has accumulated useful energy that improves health.  Since ancient times, people have made all kinds of talismans and amulets from it.  The healing properties of products increase with donation and the transfer of inheritance from older generations to younger generations.


Mammoths appeared about 1.6 million years ago (in the Pleistocene) and died out about 10 thousand years ago;  lived in Europe, Asia, Africa and North America [1].  Numerous mammoth bones have been found at the sites of ancient Stone Age humans;  also discovered are drawings and sculptures of mammoths made by prehistoric man.  In Siberia and Alaska, there are known cases of finding the corpses of mammoths, preserved because of their residence in the permafrost.  The main mammoth species was no larger than modern elephants, but the North American subspecies Mammuthus imperator reached a height of 5 meters and a mass of 12 tons

Exclusive decorative items made of mammoth tusks are rightly considered a luxury item and an attribute of an expensive interior.  The co-authorship of nature and man, the original nature of the material and the embodiment of the richest fantasies make these products particularly valuable.


Since ancient times, mammoth tusks have been the most valuable material for decorative processing.

Exclusive souvenirs from Yakutsk are made by the best bone cutters

The global extinction of mammoths started 24 - 20 thousand years ago, the peak of extinction fell during the period of warming 14.8 - 13.7 thousand years ago, even before the meteorite fall and cooling (12.8 thousand years ago)  ), and ended later, about 11-4 thousand.

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